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The Ultimate Selfie Design By Sebastien Del Grosso


Valerio Spagnuolo

Jul 11, 2014

Sébastien Del Grosso is a unique French artist who has taken to merging photography with sketches to draw the attention of viewers worldwide. Here is a rather captivating series of images created by him which depict him repeatedly drawing things and even himself into existence. The collection of pictures showcases a perfect blend of traditional elements with modern tools that seem to coexist seamlessly.

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Sketching Into Reality

From the very first picture, Sebastien seems to transition himself from a sketched image to real life with a discreet technique that evidently shows his dexterity and versatility. With these photos, he explores the perspective of photography that is hard for the human mind to grasp.

Detailing And Liveliness

Creating realistic effects with the fusion of selfies with self-portraits of the yesteryears, Sebastien incorporates impressive detailing and buoyancy into ever picture.  Sticking to his childhood passion of drawing, he adds a whole new stance to his imagination with this artwork.

Personalized Selfies

As the selfie phenomenon gets more and more prominent, Sebastien’s work only makes it more intense with the idea of personalized selfies. Although the project initially started as a means to create simple self-portraits, Sebastien seems to have let his creativity go wild at some point.

How And Where

Using a Cannon 7D with a 50 mm lens, Sebastien photographed regular photos of himself and others in his apartment with simple lighting. The same picture was then drawn on a sheet of paper by hand and scanned. This version was then incorporated into the picture clicked with a camera using Photoshop, such that only half of it was merged.

Effects And Strokes

The reason why Sebastien Del Grosso’s work looks so genuine is because he has implemented a variety of techniques in the making of the pictures. A careful selection of brush strokes in black or white, and the dodge-and-burn effect are the primary highlighting methods used to mitigate clothing as well as facial features.










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