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The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jul 6, 2015

Gardening is a job that takes time and tons of effort. It’s become clear that only people who desperately want to do it, have enough time to do it, or have the resources to pay someone to do it for them can have a beautifully lush, green garden. Well, not anymore!

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Say Hello To Your Garden’s New Best Friend

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

The GreenIQ Smart Hub is designed to connect to your internet through either an ethernet cable or WiFi. You can then control the smart hub through your smartphone or computer, no matter where you are with a single touch. Forget green thumbs, it’s time for green finger tips.


Going Green For Good

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

Inefficient gardening practices lead to the loss of a huge amount of water every year. Water scarcity topped the list of global risks at the World Economic Forum for the first time. With the Smart Garden Hub, you can control irrigation schedules so that your garden receives the perfect quantity of water. The hub uses a combination of computing, current and forecasted weather, and real-time sensors help to conserve up to 50% of your outdoor water usage.


How It Works

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

The GreenIQ Hub connects to your internet and collects information on weather from the local weather station. It then calculates the amount of water your garden needs and communicates this to your irrigation system automatically. The hub can be connected to a range of sensors, like soil moisture sensors, a flowmetre, and different weather sensors.

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

You can control it through an app on your smartphone, PC, or tablet, and even use it to regulate the lighting in your garden based on when the sun rises and sets. The era of smart home is here, and it’s greener than ever.


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