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The Evolution Of Car Logos: What They Were And What They Became

Evolution of Car Logos

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jul 15, 2015

The next time you’re stuck in traffic, play Spot The Car Logo, and use this article for reference. We’re going to explain the automotive innovation that went into the design and evolution of some major car logos, and even go into some of their back stories. Let’s see some of them.

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Alfa Romeo, Italy

Evolution of Car Logos

This logo was first created in 1910 by Romano Cattaneo, when he was inspired by the red cross on the flag of Milan and the House of Visconti’s Coat of Arms, which depicted a man in the jaws of a grass snake. Alfa Milano became Alfa Romeo in 1916, when Nicola Romeo bought the company.


Aston Martin, UK

Evolution of Car Logos

I have to admit, I love Aston Martin. I am Italian, I love Ferrari, I love Maserati, I love Alfa Romeo..but James Bond movies conquered me. This is absolutely one of my favorite car and also the logo is symbol of elegance and beauty. The iconic wings have been their symbol since 1927, when the original “AM” logo was completaly reviewed. A lot of adjustments have been made since that year and the current version came out in 2003.


Audi, Germany

Evolution of Car Logos

August Horch worked for Carl Benz before founding his own company, called A. Horch & Cie in 1899. He was forced out of the company ten years later, and sued for setting a company called Horch. Horch was sitting in the house of his partner, Franz, when Franz’s son suggested the name while he was studying Latin. He said that ‘Audi’ in Latin had the same meaning as ‘Horch’ in German – ‘Listen’. So Audiwerke GmBH was founded in 1910. It merged with four other car companies, including Horch, in 1932 to become Auto Union. This is why the Audi logo has four interlocked rings.


Fiat, Italy

Evolution of Car Logos

Fiat began as the Italian Automobile Factory of Turin or Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. The most iconic logo version of this company is the scrabble-tile logo in the ‘60s. The design inspiration for this logo came from the Chief Designer of the company. He was driving past the factory when the power was out, and saw the neon sign outlined against the night sky.


There are several more car logo evolution stories in the infographic. Check out its full version here.


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