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GOAL: To become the benchmark and a source of inspiration for those interested in advertising, marketing, social media, design, technology, fields highly related to each other.

Whether you are a creative or marketer looking for inspiration for your campaigns, a designer, or just want to stay updated with the most interesting material in the world, you will find everything you need on Hashslush.
Here at Hashslush, we want to provide a unified place to find only awesome content. Everything that can inspire you. We filter the loads of information on the Internet and reveal only the most inspiring products and news in the world.


Founded in Milan in 2013, Hashslush reached
100.000 monthly views
in its first 4 months


Alessandro Ilarda
CEO / Co-Founder
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Valerio Spagnuolo
CMO / Co-Founder
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“Working in a digital focused world, with all the content out there it’s easy to fall out of the loop. Hashslush wants to let our readers always feel up-to-date and be well-informed either if they speak with their friends or clients.”
“Hashslush is not just a news container, it’s something more. It’s a place where people go to satisfy their inspirational needs and to get them in the right zone to allow their minds to wander; a place solely comprised of awesome content.”



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