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Charge Your Apple Watch In Style With The Griffin Watchstand

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jun 14, 2015

For all of its cutting-edge style and innovative technology, the Apple Watch has always lacked one thing: the ability to stay usable when it’s charging. Until now, that is! The Griffin Watchstand, designed to resemble a presentation dias with a glossy finish, is an Apple Watch charger that manages to display and charge your Apple Watch while keeping it usable throughout the process!

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What It Looks Like

Apple Watch Charger_The Griffin Watchstand

The Watchstand is a vertical charging port with a magnetic connector on the top. Any extra, unsightly cables are neatly tucked away into the base of the stand. This is one of those rare innovative products that is as functional as it is a design inspiration. The Watchstand has been designed to look super sleek from every viewing angles, and offer you effortless charging capabilities. You can use it vertically or horizontally, and it accommodates both semi flexible and fully flexible bands.


How To Use It

Apple Watch Charger_The Griffin Watchstand

All you have to do is place your Apple Watch so that its back, which contains the Apple Watch battery, is in contact with the stand’s angled cradle, which contains a magnetic charging strip. Griffin took the Watchstand to the next level by designing it to be capable of simultaneously charging your iphone as well. The elevated rim of the dock has been designed to support your iPhone, so that you can charge it in an easy-to-view vertical or horizontal angle.

Talk about a two-for-one deal!

Apple Watch Charger_The Griffin Watchstand



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