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A Promotional Video By Bernard Magri For Solo

Alessandro Ilarda

Jul 11, 2014

Produced by Bernard Magri, a British animator from the UK, this promotional video is nothing short of inspiring. The video advertises Solo, which is a project management tool that assists creative freelancers. What sets Solo apart from the rest is that it has a rather charming user interface which is wildly different from other web apps.

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Reflecting The Beauty

Since the video promotes Solo, it needed to reflect the appeal that the application has in real time. This was quite a challenge for Bernard who is himself a freelance animator and the founder of the video and animation studio, Beast Collective. The animation he created strongly demonstrates the simplicity of the Solo interface, transmitted into a series of moving images.

Who Is Bernard?

Bernard’s animation studio has clients like BBC Radio 1 and Ebay and is based in London. He is a Solo user too, and has seen significant enhancements in his work since he started using the app.

He has used the project management software for about 3 years now, and it has substantially helped him in transforming his work ethic and also instill creativity for his clients.

A Community Of Freelancers

The Solo app is very useful as it sends out alerts for unpaid invoices or upcoming deadlines, and has a culture that is very customer-centric. Apart from taking good care of various aspects of your business, the team behind Solo takes care of you as well. They do this by helping you collaborate on projects of their own, giving you more opportunities to showcase your creativity.

Promoting You!

Solo is aimed at promoting you as a user through means like blog posts, interviews and many more. Additionally, the team secures deals and discounts specially for you on many cool products and services that you may be interested in. The best part is, Solo understands all the needs you will have when you are working for yourself.










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