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Google’s Internet Of Things: The Future Is Here

Google's Internet Of Things

Alessandro Ilarda

Jul 4, 2015

During Google’s I/O developer conference, the tech giant announced two key developments in its Internet of Things project. A new operating system called Brillo, and a language called Weave. This is incredibly exciting news for us because it means that the Internet of Things is one step closer.

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What Is The Internet Of Things?

Google's Internet Of Things

IoT is an innovative idea that will make our society look like something out of a science fiction movie. The future is at our doorstep, and it’s bringing treats!

The premise is simple. All your ‘things’, whether they’re lamps, doors, cars, even buildings will be able to communicate with each other to make your life easier.

Google's Internet Of Things

In a couple of years, you will live in a smart home, for example, that will anticipate your needs before you’re aware of them. Your medicine cabinet will notify you when you need a refill so you don’t run out of your medication. Your fridge will be able to order groceries for you when it notices that you’re running out of something, and your temperature control devices will turn themselves on when they detect that you’re almost home.


What Exactly Did Google Announce?

Google unveiled two key Internet of Things projects:

Brillo is Google’s OS that will be embedded in the various ‘things’ and will let them communicate with each other.

Google's Internet Of Things

Weave is the language that these objects will be speaking. Weave can be used on non-Google platforms as well, which means that your Samsung Smart Dustbin will be able to communicate with your Google Smart Toaster.

Looking at what this project promises, it’s clear that this innovative technology is going to transform our lives and the world we live in.

Google's Internet Of Things

Google's Internet Of Things

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