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New York Bike Style – Sam Polcer’s Style Guide For Bikes


Valerio Spagnuolo

May 28, 2014

A magazine editor, writer as well as photographer, Sam Polcer has long been obsessed with documenting cyclists in New York. Titled Preferred Mode, his blog has featured suave and sophisticated bikers from every corner of NYC.

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As an ultimate style guide for all those who are interested in pedaling their way across the Big Apple as it is lovingly called, Sam compiled the New York Bike Style.

The New York Bike Style

From vintage bike aficionados, BMX kids, lazy rides to fixed gear freaks, the New York Style Guide is a book that celebrated NYC’s cultural diversity as well as the stylish and inventive rides that rule the streets. With striking images and full-page photographs, the compilation reflects the myriad style as well as demographics of the city’s cyclists.

Captioned And Identified

Combing pretty much all of New York’s five boroughs, every page of the book features photos that are captioned with the rider’s name, the model of the bike, the location where the picture was clicked, and where the biker is headed. There are also close-ups of gear and bike fashion inspirations featured in the book.

Debut And Collection

Sam has worked on this anthology since March 2013, and will finally release the book at the end of May 2014. He aims at making cycling look extremely attractive through real pictures in order to get more people into the activity. Keeping the environment-friendly and health benefits aside, most cyclists start riding simply because it is such a fun and refreshing experience.

The Photographer

Equipped with an undergrad degree from New York University in Film, Sam Polcer always had a passion for photography, and worked in a film production at one point. For seven years, Sam worked for Ink, an inflight publishing company.

The Book

The first of its kind, the book documents over 175 subjects with their bikes spread over 224 pages, where every single cyclist was handpicked by Sam. The images do all the talking in this book, and that’s why the captions are so minimal.










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