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Wool Knitted Food


Valerio Spagnuolo

May 10, 2014

Have you ever wanted some delicious-looking wool knitted food? A lamb burger with fries maybe? or maybe a well-rounded English breakfast. Well, model maker Jessica Dance has made some yummy-looking imperishables, to look at and say “Awe.. Nice” and smile.

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The Woolen Lamb Burger

It is just exquisite, isn’t it? Yum yum yummy, the only sad that is that you cannot eat them, much like the food you see in mobile app or Facebook games. Except now, Atleast you and tough these pieces of food that are calling out to you for a squeeze.



The English Breakfast

Wholesome and nutritious, this English breakfast has it all – Bacon, sausages, a pouched egg, bread and butter, and some vegies to go with it.



The Wooly Hotdog

As hotdogs they are, well-shaped to fit nicely into your hand. Normally you wouldn’t want to squeeze it or chuck it across the room on to someone’s face, but now that it is wool, do what you like.



Why Food? Why Not Stuff Animals Instead?

Don’t you already have enough woolen stuffed animals? Plus if you really wanted a stuffed animal that badly, then you may like the stuffed turkey, from this thanksgiving dinner set.



The Mind Behind The Wool

Jessica Dance, a model and prop maker based out of London is behind the modeling of these fuzzy bits of food. She has worked for big names such as Google, Vogue, and Mulberry, but this concept was a personal inspiration. She expressed that she wanted to create a series of models that captures the British cafes and fast food scene with a wooly twist. These photographs would not be possible without the talented photographer behind the camera, David Sykes.


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