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Top 5 News-Reading Apps For Your SmartPhone


Valerio Spagnuolo

Feb 9, 2014

News in the modern world is not just limited to the traditional newspaper. In fact, there are many kinds of information the newspaper cannot provide you with, starting from updates about your friends, to the best works of photography. That is where the smartphone comes in, with its wide array of amazing news apps, presenting you with the news of your choice.

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Browse through this compelling comparison of some of the best news apps out there.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is essentially a smart magazine – one which features only the articles that you choose to read. All you need to do is select your favorite categories, and Flipboard will compile your magazine that you can conveniently flip through whenever you want. You can also integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking account and thumb through all your friends’ updates in one place.




2. Paper (FB)

Unlike Flipboard, Paper is chiefly affiliated with the social networking sensation, Facebook. It beautifully displays your Facebook news feed in a large fullscreen layout, and has tilt functionality.  Also incorporated into the app are flipping gestures and post previews.




3. Zite

This quick-witted app is personalization at its best. Zite tracks your likes and brings you articles that will interest you most. Get a handpicked selection of magazines, newspaper, authors, blogs that cater to your needs, in an attractive and engaging interface.




4. Reeder 2

The updated version of Reeder is comprehensively refurbished to assist you in simple viewing of your most-loved blogs. Unlike the other apps on this list, Reeder2 is blog-centric, and supports RSS feed services like Feedly, Feedbin, Fever etc.




5.  Interesting

As the name suggests, Interesting brings you a unique assortment of only the articles that fascinate you, according to the groups you choose.



Source: iMore ; Via : iDownload Blog

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