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Best Whatsapp Emoticons – The 5 Most Popular Ones


Valerio Spagnuolo

Jan 30, 2014

We whatsapp-frenzied mortals are now at a point where we cannot picture a Whatsapp-less world. What makes it all even more fun is the miscellany of emoticons integrated in Whatsapp. Without further ado, here is my awesome list of the five most loved Whatsapp emoticons, in no particular order.

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5. The Shocker


This one is my favorite, mostly because I feel elated and comical every time I use it. In a good way, of course. When you’re actually shocked, there is absolutely no better way to express it than with this emoticon.

4. The Blissful Smile


Don’t deny it. This emoticon is like a smile and a blush and a fart all mixed into one. Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit. Anyway, it is the perfect way to express your gleeful and happy and blissful state of mind.

3. The Cool Dude


This emoticon sometimes sends out vibes that the whole entire universe revolves around and exists because of you. But apart from that, it’s cool. It is definitely used too much, and it sometimes even replaces the normal smile.

2. The Wink With A Tongue-Out


This smiley is used a lot because it is a mixture of two emotions in one. Not that we like/want that combination. But when you’re trying to joke around with someone, and want to come across as a jerk while doing it, you use this one.

1. Laughing Myself to Sorrow


This one makes you want to cry while laughing even if you weren’t even laughing that hard in the first place.

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  1. I was expecting a list of emoticons and stickers for whatsapp. Anyways thanks for sharing.

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