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The Intelligent Back Cover For Your iPhone – Lunecase


Valerio Spagnuolo

May 20, 2014

iPhone covers usually serve just one purpose, but this one decided to set a different trend. An intelligent cover for your iPhone, the Lunecase is designed to recognize incoming messages and calls even before they are displayed on your smartphone’s screen. With two distinct alert icons for calls and messages, the Lunecase identifies and alerts you with LED lights.

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Free Energy

The case does not have any power supply except the free energy emitted by your smart device that is converted from electromagnetic energy to usable power. The notification system is funded by this energy and is embedded in the Lunecase.

No Batteries

As mentioned earlier, the Lunecase does not contain any batteries inside its body, and does not need to be connected to your Smartphone through any form of wiring. All you have to do is snap it on the back of your iPhone, and you’re good to go. It has eliminated the need for connections altogether, and only operates on GSM networks.

Filled With Technology

The Smartphones of today emit way lesser electromagnetic energy compared to the mobile phones of five years ago. Yet, the Lunecase is able to utilize this minimal energy because of the sophisticated technology it possesses.

A Protective Case

All of these spectacular features don’t mean that the case won’t serve its primary function of protecting your iPhone. The Lunecase was built with a durable material to be protect your phone from light damage and rough handling.

Innovative And Intelligent

To accentuate the case’s intelligence as well functionality, it has been given an ergonomic design with a sleek, chic and aesthetic body that makes it nothing short of a good looking accessory. The hi-tech case is as thin as other cases on the market, so at first look, you wouldn’t know it has intelligent features.

Kickstarter Campaign

The Lunecase is presently up on Kickstarter for funding with a goal of $50,000. It is expected to be priced at around $50, and will be available in colors of black and white.







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