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Fujifilm Aims At Bringing Instant Film Cameras Into The Era Of Selfies


Alessandro Ilarda

May 28, 2014

Instant film cameras are a favorite among most photography enthusiasts, and are ideal for shooting portraits. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is a mini format instant film camera that offers you with different modes to shoot your pictures in.

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Fujifilm has faced tough competition from Polaroid in recent years, as both brands have tried their best to sell their mini format instant film cameras to all those fascinated by instant photography.

The Instax Mini 90

The Mini 90 is a lot like Fujifim’s mirrorless cameras in that it is packaged to resemble a serious photography kit instead of a play camera. It has a retro design with the old metal and leather-clad single lens reflex (SLR).

Good Looks And More Good Looks

Sleek in appearance, the Mini 90 exhibits an all-plastic construction that is super durable, and can even survive a drop to the floor. What differentiates the Mini 90 from other instant cameras is that it has a lot more features in comparison.

Simple As Pie

Even though the Mini 90 has loads of impressive tools integrated into it, its operation is simplistic in nature. From loading the film to using shutters, every activity is uncomplicated. Standout modes include the self-timer, bulb and landscape. The included lithium-ion battery lasts for about 85-100 shots per charge.

Two Shutter Buttons

The Mini 90 is equipped with two shutter buttons – one for clicking vertical pictures and one for horizontal landscapes. There are five buttons below the Mini 90’s LCD screen, of which the first four are for macro, brightness, timer, and flash functions, and the last is a ‘mode’ button. ‘Mode’ lets you choose between advanced shooting modes – like party, kids, landscape, double exposure, and bulb.

Pricing And Availability

The Mini 90 is priced at $150, and a box of 20 shots of film (2 x 10 exposures) will cost you less than $14 on Amazon or B&H.









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