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Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent

Vishal Khan

Feb 10, 2014

Explore contemporary photography at its finest with this daring collection by a French photographer. Produced by photo enthusiast Ludovic Florent, who hails from France, this compilation is called “Star Dust”. The series raise the bar for modernistic photography, by fusing elements of nature with the human race.

Imbibed With Stunning Grace

Titled “Poussiere D’Etoiles” in French, the photo series revolve around a magical theme that captures dancers harmonizing with the powder in a scintillating fashion. Their naked bodies seem to be perfectly complimented by the supporting substance that gives off the impression of stardust.

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The enchanting movements are dramatized by hearts, wings or clouds forming in the dust. Bringing a sensuous profoundness to the pictures, the photographer tries to immortalize kinesics with the use of a medium that reflects each movement.

Striking And Intense Theme

Enabling you to envision the entire set of gestures in every dance move, this shoot more or less freezes motion. The idea of flour mimicking the dancer as they move is remarkable and it adds a whole new depth to the photos. With a timeless undertone to them, these images are incredibly expressive, mostly due to the fact that dance on its own is one of the most eloquent forms of communication. The accentuating prop used here adds exceptional brilliance to the entire album, as dancers seem to throw it around themselves and dance in it. Overall, these pictures are a magnificent portrayal of the many flavors of dance.















Source: Fubiz

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