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The Brazil Fourteen Poster By Karoshi


Alessandro Ilarda

Jun 23, 2014

As the FIFA fever rages on, what better way to honor its advent than with a work of simplistic art that celebrates it? Brazil Fourteen is one such treat to the eye that was made specially to mark the ongoing World Cup in Brazil.

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Posters Galore

Created by a multi-disciplinary design consultancy from London named Karoshi, Brazil Fourteen consists of a poster that comes with limited edition availability. Every poster comes with a metal pen and is screen-printed using silver colors onto an Ebony Color plan.

Record Results

Brazil Fourteen was made solely for the purpose of recording the results of every match that takes places this World Cup. A wall-chart of sorts, the poster comes in an online version which is available on the site.

Customize For Your Team

If you navigate to the website, you’ll find that there is a full-fledged schedule of the tournament available for you to customize according to your team or time zone. The results are updated continuously through the tournament, as the matches take place.

Follow The World Cup

A simplistic yet innovative way to follow the game you love the most, Brazil Fourteen comes with a fixture list as well that can be downloaded or synced with the calendar app in your smartphone. The screen printed poster is available in B2 size, too, so that you can have a hard copy of it whenever you need it.

Stay Updated

The national colors of every participating team are displayed vibrantly so that personalizing becomes extremely easy for you. British designer Paul Davis is the brains behind the development of the dynamic Brazil Fourteen website, and it launched the same day as the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Personalize Every Move

Providing perhaps the best way to keep track of the international sporting event, Brazil Fourteen totally modifies the experience for your satisfaction. To know more about the site, follow them on Twitter.










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