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Wallpaper* Handmade With Jaguar Makes Its Appearance At The New York Furniture Fair

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush_cover

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jun 3, 2014

A groundbreaking exhibition committed to displaying the fusion between craftsmanship and design, Wallpaper* Handmade this year will be inspired by the British multinational car manufacturer, Jaguar.

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The team-up will present a carefully picked selection of handmade pieces from the pioneer in design, art and manufacturing. It will include new works as well, created by local architects Snarkitechture principally for the exhibition in New York City.

The New Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

The biggest attraction at the Wallpaper* handmade exhibition will be the newest release by Jaguar, the F-TYPE Coupe, showcased with a uniquely crafted version of the two-seat sports car, cut-away from the middle. Offering an inside look under the lightweight aluminum-built structure, the installation lets you see how the beauty performs under the wraps.


The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York took place on May 17, 2014, and featured at least 50 works of art during Design Week. This collaboration with Jaguar enable local architects to debut this exclusively commissioned piece at the fair.

Inspired By Jaguar

Apart from the Coupe, the exhibit also features six new collaborations with Jaguar to represent an avant-garde take on the company’s contemporary design, creativity and technology.

This include designers in the likes of Fredrikson Stallard, Moritz Waldemeyer, Mathieu Gustafsson, architects Neri & Hu and Vincenzo De Cotiis, and marble specialist Salvatori.

Design Aesthetics

Showcasing its innovative and original approach to the development of its product line-up, Jaguar’s F-TYPE Coupe will represent the pinnacle of the F-TYPE range at the exhibition. With an esteemed design aesthetic, the F-TYPE delivers exhilarating performance and efficiency.

Additional Works

Commissioned by Wallpaper* editors, new works by many US artists will be featured as well, which include glow-in-the-dark wallpaper by Haas Brothers with Flavor Paper, a cork jacket by Todd Bracher, a lighting piece by Mary Wallis and Suzanne Tick, a ‘Tablet Book’ by Paul Loebach with Logitech and glass-blown sex toys by Jeff Zimmermann and Wallpaper* US editor Michael Reynolds.

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush0

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush1

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush2

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush3

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush4

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush5

FTYPE Coupe_C-X17_Wallpaper_Exhibition_NYC_Hashslush6


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