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OK Go’s New Video is Full Of Optical Illusions

Vishal Khan

Jun 29, 2014

Released on June 17th, 2014, the new music video for OK Go’s new song called Writings on the Wall is downright incredible. With a history of amazing videos for their songs, this one comes as no surprise for viewers and fans alike. Quirky yet very artistic, the video makes you question everything you see in it and take a second look.

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The Legend Of Quirky Videos

OK Go has long held a concrete reputation for music videos that will sometimes have you reconsidering watching similar visuals again. If anything, the group has been pretty darn viral since their treadmill dancing video for the song ‘Here it goes again‘ in 2006.

Optical Illusions At Their Best

This new one by OK Go is mind-boggling for sure, and will confuse you to the highest degree. Yet you will watch till the end, because it is catchy in a certain way. The props used in the video include mirrors, paint, lights and a many impressive video angles.

The Video

Lasting for a short 4 minutes and 17 seconds, the video has surprises in every corner. You can’t possibly watch it without rewinding and pausing to see what exactly happened and how the group did what they just did. The stunts are nothing short of epic, shot in a location that resembles a warehouse in many ways.

Continuous Flow

Like the growing trend in universities called lipdub, this video has a continuous flor to it that changes abruptly every other second. This leaves an element of mystery to the video, such that you can never guess what comes next. The best scene without a doubt is the one showing an upside down  bike being ridden in the air. It is when the director yells ‘Cut‘ in the very end of the video though, that you get a momentary insight into what was going on the entire time.










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