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The Nod Smart Ring That Controls Everything

Vishal Khan

Jun 12, 2014

Sitting on your index finger, the Nod smart ring lets you control compatible apps and systems almost like magic. Okay, it’s not magic –it’s technology – but at least that’s what it looks like.

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Thanks to Nod, you can finally get rid of your touchscreens for most activities and maybe look up a bit. The tiny ring is hell bent on becoming the new remote control for your home, and be able to control your entire connected life.

Hello Nod

The ring is a Bluetooth enabled gesture controller that uses 32,000 DPI of resolution for incredibly precise control at up to half a millimeter of accuracy. With Nod, you can control pretty much every connected device including Smartphone’s, smart TV’s, cars, and even home automation devices by simply moving your finger around in the air.

At Your Fingetips

This is the next generation of computer interaction and it has literally been brought right to your fingertips. Finger-based gestures are tracked by the device, letting you do everything from screen-based search presentations, adjusting heating and lighting, controlling music players, to slicing up defenceless fruits in Fruit Ninja.

The More The Rings

The more things you can control. If you simply get a second Nod ring, you can control complex games – even those involving first person shooting. Sadly, you won’t look very badass when you’re gesturing around like you’re conducting a mini orchestra.

Premium Quality

Made from jewelery-grade stainless steel contoured to provide a comfortable fit, Nod is very much a premium product. It is waterproof up to 50 meters and works with the help of two CPUs and flexible circuitry. You can make every trace with your hand, and it will be optimally placed for the strongest possible signal with the help of Nod’s impressive antenna that comes with a 30-foot range.

Precision Control

Accounting for 32,000 dpi accuracy for movement, Nod definitely provides a high degree of precision control at distance. A gyroscope, an accelerometer, a thermometer, a compass, two buttons, a capacitive scrolling pad, and a 24-hour battery are all that it requires for its remarkable functionality. Currently available for pre-order at $149, it is due to ship sometime this fall/autumn.









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