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An iPhone 6 Prototype With Curvy Screen


Vishal Khan

May 31, 2014

Adding fuel to rumors about a curved screen design for the upcoming iPhone 6, these photos of a dummy model by Sonny Dickson are pretty darn interesting. Why should we believe Sonny Dickson, you say? Because he has been a noted leaker of Apple products since the beginning of time. He recently posted some photos of mockups of the iPhone 6 on his Twitter account, which are worth checking out.

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Curvaceous Design

The design of the iPhone featured is incredibly curvaceous, and showcases a curved screen as well. Showing the front as well as the back of the next Apple flagship phone, these pictures convince you about a curved screen thanks to a reflection of light on the left side. The rounded design is brought out more prominently in the picture of the rear of the phone.

Two Upcoming Phones

While it has been well popularized by the grapevine that Apple will release more than one iPhone by the end of 2014, the curved screen rumor was a vital part of it too.  Dickson is extremely credible in everything he claims, and that’s all because of the many truthy rumors he has put out so far.




More Sources

A French website named has also posted pictures of yet another dummy unit photographed by a smartphone-case retailer based in China called Inner Exile. This one has silver finishing and resembles all those other concept images you’ve been looking at on the web of late.

Redesigned Buttons

Apart from a curved display, the phone also sports redesigned buttons for volume controls, as well as repositioning of the sleep/wake button from the top right to the right side of the iPhone. This will make accessing the button easy, considering the extremely large screen size of the device.


While the sources cited are credible, it is always good to approach all rumors of his kind with a little skepticism, you know, just in case. The launch date for the iPhone 6 has been rumored to be in August, but there are no official reports about the same.





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