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Flying Citroën Cars Series By Jacob Munkhammar


Valerio Spagnuolo

Jun 30, 2014

Transforming conventional models of Citroën into something never seen before, this artist brings out the concept of flying cars by giving them a whole new twist. This is different from the Air Drive series because these are a series of images of antique cars given a fresh new look.

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The brain behind these creations is Jacob Munkhammar, an artist from Sweden. The assortment of images is solely focused on the classic Citroën cars as you know them, with a photoshopped appearance of an innvative flying vehicle from the future.

Keeping The Trend Alive

The fad of recreating vintage things into futuristic looking objects is a trend that truly seems to be catching up with artists these days. And Jacob Munkhammer was thinking no different when he created these series that span a wide range of cars from Citroën. The French car company had some very quintessential models under its name, and what better way to reminisce them than by reconstructing them virtually?

Similiarities To Air Drive

Munkhammar’s series bears stark similarities and uses the same retro-futuristic poise of the Air Drive Photography series created by French photographer, Renaud Marion. In fact, the digital retouching gives off the most realistic impressions of what a flying Citroën would look like. The series also brings out where exactly Jacob’s passion lies at – cars without wheels.

Hoover Mythic Cars

Interweaving the past with the future, Jacob’s pictures showcase a set of hoover mythic cars. His work is posted on his account at The visionary discover images speak eons about the Flying Citroën concept, which is hoped to come true some day along the way.

How He Does It

Using original photos of the classic Citroën cars, Jacob works on them with the Photoshop software, until they seem like they’re floating in the most elegant fashion. Some pictures also have retro filters applied to them, so that the vintage appeal can be enhanced in black and white as well as color photos.









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