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Facebook Launches Shazam-like Music ID Feature


Alessandro Ilarda

Jun 17, 2014

After the ‘post your feelings‘ status update option was added to Facebook last year, users all around the world went crazy with publicizing their daily feelings of the many forms of apathy, anguish or ecstasy with emojis that express them perfectly. Whether you’re reading Aleph or listening to a happening Enrique track, you could update every activity on Facebook as well.

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With an influx of at least 5 billion statuses since this feature was launched, Facebook decided to make the most of the status bar by integrating a whole new exciting feature into it.

Song Recognition

With the new update, Facebook’s latest iOS and Android version recognizes the song you’re playing or TV show you’re watching to add it to your status before you update it. Very similar to Shazam, this feature is popular as audio recognition and gets into action when you start typing your new status.

How It Works

The biggest changes are that when you set out to create a new status, you won’t have to choose the ‘Listening To‘ or ‘Watching‘ options. If you’re a first-time user, you can enable the feature by simply tapping the newest button you see in the status-creation window.

As soon as a match is found, the Facebook’s feelings button lights up with a badge that looks like a mini smiley face. This will occur in a matter of seconds, beating you to writing your status.

Similar Software

Shazam and Soundhound are the most well-known audio-tagging apps of this kind, but Facebook’s integration of the feature definitely has an edge to it.


Pros aside, the audio recognition feature for Facebook will only be available in the U.S. for the time being. Also, a set number of 160 TV channels and a few million songs can be recognized by the feature presently, but this will definitely change in the near future.

Secrets And Collaborations

This feature is best applied when you don’t know what you’re listening to and want to share it with your many friends on the social network.









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