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Dog Alarm Clock – Hilariously Effective

Valerio Spagnuolo

Apr 2, 2014

Do you find it hard to wake up, even with that alarm clock of yours that the neighbors keep complaining about? Maybe you should consider making your life a happier place by getting a dog, to wake you up and demand walks from you.

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Even if you are satisfied with your current alarm system, you may want to reconsider after watching that hilarious compilation of dog alarm clocks video.

You Will Laugh Yourself Awake – Beware!

You will literally wake up laughing, after a long struggle. But beware! You might get taped by your family and friends, and that it would be hilarious to watch, even for the victim, you.

What’s So Great About A Dog Alarm Clock?

Well, for one, these dogs don’t give up too easy, and there is no snooze button either. Another thing is that, the anger that you normally have towards your alarm clock will disappear. How can you get angry at a tail-wagging dog that loves you?

Dogs Have Character

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and breeds. Each dog has their own character, and I’m not talking about social skills here, I mean they have different ways for waking you up. The medium sized ones, will probably pull your blanket, the smaller ones will probably lick you until you had enough, and the bigger ones will downright drag you out of bed in a matter of seconds.

Dogs, Dogs, Lovely Dogs

They are amazing creatures, and as we now know, useful. But dogs don’t come inbuilt with the knowledge to wake you up, they have to trained to be this hilarious effective.





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