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Colored Food Series – Blue turkey with a side of green noodles?


Cat Saunders

May 6, 2014

Colored Food Series – Lawrie Brown

Green Ice Cream


© Lawrie Brown

Lawrie Brown, fine arts photographer from California, warps our perception of every day foods with this vibrant and somewhat bizarre photo series. Using latex paints, Lawrie boldly covers every day foods in bright unnatural colours, creating meals that look peculiar and often revolting.


Orange Cheese


© Lawrie Brown

Unlike other rainbow food photography series, Lawrie keeps at least one food item in every photograph its natural colour. Revealing the startling truth of how some foods already look alien in colour, there becomes a visual blur between what is true and what is fake. Would you eat bright orange cheese when put on top of a purple cracker?


White Rice


© Lawrie Brown

The Coloured Food Series is a fascinating observation of todays manufacturing and artificial processing methods used in todays Western food, and challenges the audience to decide what colours are actually appetising for consumption.


Pink Cereal


© Lawrie Brown

After viewing bright pink cereal against a bowl of yellow milk, we definitely begin to question its position swimming in normal milk at the breakfast table.


White Noodles


© Lawrie Brown




© Lawrie Brown


Yellow Butter


© Lawrie Brown

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