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Woodoo: A Stop-Motion Animation with Laser-Cut Wood

Francesca Luglio

Jun 13, 2014

Creating the illusion of a malleable substance, this quick animation short titled Woodoo was made by Dutch animator Andre Maat. The video relies on a rather impressive sequence of laser-cut wood put together in a very precise fashion.

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This little stop-motion animated film is nothing short of incredible, and involves the use of a whole lot of laser-cut pieces of wood.

The Goal

According to Maat, the goal of the clip was to bring wood to life by playing with its shape and consistency. It looks like he pulled it off in spades, giving the wood an impressively fluid feel throughout the short film.

Collaborations And Credits

While Maat hasn’t really provided many details on how he put it all together, it has been mentioned in his credits that the hands in the video belong to a certain Mike Zonneveld. Other collaborators include Lux&Co for the lighting, Fablab Amsterdam for the laser-cutting, for the sounds effects and Chop Wood for the music.

The Final Video

Lasting just about 47 seconds long, the final video is still one of the most creative and time intensive stop motion animations to raid the internet. And it has its share of popularity, being shared extensively on social media sites.

New Art

Incorporating a new sort of art into stop motion video-making, Maat has included elements like fire and fingers into his creation. This makes the entire piece refreshingly realistic, and the sequence seems to play rather smoothly, almost like magic.

Stretching Wood

Perhaps the most impressive part of the video is the bit where Mike seems to stretch the wood into a whole new shape, like it exhibits the elasticity of a rubber band. You can only assume the number of pieces of wood cut by laser that he had to use for this video, but in that flawless progression, they look simply excellent.










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