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#WinnerTakesEarth Samsung Reveals Its Products Behind The Alien Invasion. Lionel Messi Will Be The Captain Of The World’s Savior Team #Galaxy11

Valerio Spagnuolo

Nov 12, 2013

Do you remember the previous spotting of aliens (Part I and Part II) around the world and inside Bayern Munich, Juventus and Chelsea stadiums? Well, Samsung decided to officially reveal that it was behind this campaign. As we can see on the website, (that originally took the interim name of, Franz Beckenbauer is succeeding in creating a team to compete against the aliens. In the last video, the Bayern Munich manager alerted us about an alien invasion and let us know that that the only option we have is to set up the best team ever made (to compete in a soccer match).

In this new video, Beckenbauer corners the Argentinian Football Champion, Lionel Messi (currently playing on FC Barcelona), and gives him the captain stripes to lead the Galaxy 11 Team.

Football will save the planet” is the slogan for the campaign.



On Samsung website, called Galaxy 11 referring to a Galaxy team of 11 football players (or it will be a new mystery product?), we can find the equipment that will lead the team to the victory:

  • a Galaxy Note III;
  • a Galaxy Gear;
  • a Galaxy Note 10.1;
  • a Galaxy S4 Zoom;
  • a Custom Galactic Battle Suit – (“Custom fitted for each member of Galaxy 11, these team suits protect against everything from solar radiation to Alien attacks while maintaining a full range of motion.”);
  • a XT2 Gravitational Variance Ball - (“A special pet project of the Galaxy 11′s coach, Franz Beckenbauer, the XT2 has been developed as the perfect ball for interstellar play. Whether on the molten fields of a neutron star or here on Earth, the XT2 retains structural integrity, flawlessly.”);

“Samsung wants to combine fans’ universal love for football and Galaxy devices – said Younghee Lee, exec VP-Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics.

So, who will be the other players?? Here at Hashslush we’re so curious to discover the rest of the team! Any suggestions?










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  1. Gianluigi says:

    David Beckham per forza, basta pensare al suo passato.
    Ma i “Galacticos” con Messi?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Allora io direi come portiere Casillas difensori.Thiago Silvia-Lius-Marcelo-Dani Alves,Centrocampisti.Ribery-Pirlo-Boca Valero-Cristiano Ronaldo,Attaccanti,Ibraimovic-Messi

  3. my suggestion :
    goalkeeper : neuer
    defender : chiellini, david luiz, marcelo, lahm
    midfielder : Pogba, Pirlo, Ronaldo, Ribery
    Attacker : Ibra, Messi

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