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When Game Of Thrones Meets The FIFA World Cup


Valerio Spagnuolo

Jul 19, 2014

Nerea Palacios, a Barcelona-based designer, has put out a stunning series of football kits. He used the house symbols from the HBO TV series, and the kits from Nike. He combined them in subtle and stunning ways. The seemingly disparate topics mesh together surprisingly well in the hands of this designer.

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The Icy Blue Of The White Walkers

The dreaded Whitewalkers are decked in white and shades of blue, which makes for an impressive outfit. Wouldn’t want to face off against this on the field!



Somber Grey For House Stark

The grey north is personified in this kit. Their slogan, ‘Winter Is Coming’ rings out loud with the direwolf blazoned proudly on the chest.



Family, Duty, Honor And Fish – House Tully

The royal blue and deep red of House Tully are accented by a pair of sky blue studs. The subtle waves on the jersey keep the kit from becoming monotonous.



The Royal Stag Of Baratheon

Antlers are displayed proudly on a field of yellow for Baratheon. Black and yellow provide a great contrast making it stand out boldly.



Resplendent Lannister

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts’. This apparently holds true when it comes to paying the designer as well. Red and Gold make a resplendent combination, and depicts the ruthlessness of the Lannisters perfectly.



Deadly Targaryen

This red and black outfit harken to the dragons of yore. Their fearsome form adorns and completes this kit beautifully.


There’s more to the series which can be found at the project’s Behance page here. If you’re impressed by Nerea Palacios’ work (as you rightly should be), you can check out his other work on his Behance page here.


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