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#Volvo Emotional Video of Jean-Claude Van Damme Carrying Out The Most Epic Split Between Two Reversing Trucks.

Valerio Spagnuolo

Nov 15, 2013

What if you want to advertise precision and stability? Why not use the same recipe that Jean-Claude Van Damme used to become famous; strength, precise movements, and martial arts?

Well, Volvo did it and created this very emotional campaign, demonstrating the stability and precision of Volvo trucks’ steering.

Four experienced pilots (two for each truck) are driving two trucks in reverse. Meanwhile Jean-Claude Van Damme is supporting himself on their rear-view mirrors. Slowly the vehicles start to spread apart from each other, as Van Damme showcases his famous split. This is something crazy…real crazy!

“I’ve had my ups and downs. My fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That’s what made me what I’m today. Now I stand here before you. What you see is a body crafted engineered to defy the laws of physics and a mind set to master the most epic of splits.”

Prepare to become speechless and inspired:

“This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering — a world first technology that makes the new Volvo FM easier to drive.”

Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take.
Directed by Andreas Nilsson
Soundtrack by Enya: Only Time

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