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Velvet Ferrari Spotted On The Streets Of London


Vishal Khan

Mar 16, 2014

There is something very appealing about a Ferrari, and that’s why people spend 150,000 pounds to buy one. As if that wasn’t enough, there are others who will shell out even more money to customize their Ferrari and make it look as classy as it possibly can.

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Pimped out vehicles may have been a fad for some time, but covering a Ferrari in velvet just doesn’t seem to fit. Read on to know about this velvet Ferrari that was spotted on the streets of London.

Enveloped In Black Velvet

A left hand drive Ferrari 599 was seen on Sloane Street in Knightsbridge, London, blanketed with a velvet coating on its outer body. Parked on a single yellow line, it definitely caught the attention of passersby, some of who even halted to click some pictures.

Shelling Out The Bank Notes

The luxury car is already known to be an asset of the elite, and a customized version would cost even more. To be specific, 5,000 pounds. Why anyone would go that crazy with personalization, is hard to understand.

Pictures On Twitter

A lot of the captured images of the velvet Ferrari were posted on social networking site Twitter, where they received much notice and even got retweeted several times. Some Ferrari fanatics began to express disappointment about the ‘deformation’ of the legendary car.

The Sheikhs Have It Good

It is no surprise that the owner of the velvet-covered Ferrari is an Arab. Clearly, he’s living the life and proud to flaunt it in a rather flamboyant manner.










Similar Sightings

On the streets of Chelsea, London, a Porsche lined with suede was spotted in the beginning of this year.  Other sightings include a Bugatti Veyron embedded with porcelain, and a Lamborghini that glows in the dark, both of which were seen at Park Lane.


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