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A Tribute To Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jun 7, 2014

Losing Michael Jackson was one of the most tragic things to happen to this world, and felt like humanity had taken a step backwards. A new record from the artist has been released earlier this year, called Xscape.

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The album would feature eight tracks re-tooled by L.A. ReidTimbaland, and more producers. Titled ‘Love Never Felt So Good’, the album’s single will reassure you that a second posthumous record might actually be a good idea.

The Record

The record’s best song yet is its first single, and it is nothing short of addictive. It fully incorporates Michael Jackson’s soulful, free-flowing voice that led the Jackson 5, which is the one thing that attracted his gazillions of fans.

Michael’s Shining Soul

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson had a brilliant and beautiful voice, which consistently showcased his shining soul. Even in the midst of all the hiccups and grunts that Michael added to his songs, you could hear his incredible voice. With glorious confidence, Jackson’s demeanor and style of singing can never be replicated.

The Classics

Adding a touch of the classic grinning, joyful little kid that was Michael Jackson, “Love Never Felt So Good” speaks about everything that we all love all the time. The song itself was co-written by Jackson, and recorded in 1993. Sung by various artists in this album, the song gives you a demo of sorts to the song that would otherwise never have been unearthed.

Flying Vocals

Above a fluttering piano, MJ lets his vocals fly in the way that only MJ can. It’s feels effortless and still, to this day, three decades later, we’re connecting with Michael Jackson just like we always have. That’s how much of a talent he was.

Music Video

The music video for the track was released recently, and features a tribute to Michael Jackson’s career, with old video clips as well as Justin Timberlake trying to dance like MJ.









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