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Hashslush Video Roundup Of The Week
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Sheldon Ferrao

Jan 12, 2014

This week our international team collaborated to put together some of our favourite ads, viral videos, and innovative launches from this week.  These clips will inspire, motivate, and get your creative juices flowing.

GoPro: The Lion + Hyena Whisperer

Call him crazy, but every animal love would die to have a chance to do this.  Kevin Richardson is testing boundaries as he brings a GoPro camera with him in Africa, as he cuddles and plays with fully grown lions and hyenas. He makes these deadly creatures look as harmless as a kitten, from a very intimate first perspective view.  The visuals are stunning, be amazed:


Marc Wyse: The Paper Plane Book Launch

Flipping convention on its head to celebrate the launch of Marc Wyse’s advertising book The Way I Saw It, his company created a campaign where they took to the rooftops of the city. Taking pages from his inspirational book and highlighting inspiring words or sentences, they folded them into paper planes.  The creative part begins where they launch the masses of paper planes from the buildings and unsuspecting passerbys have the opportunity to connect with the book and the brand. A job well done:


Dude Perfect: Stereotypes in the Gym

We’ve all been in the gym where you see the “weights for dates” guy or the “singer” who screams Miley Cyrus like there’s no tomorrow.  In order to promote their brand of clothing, Dude Perfect created possibly one of the best encompassing gym stereotypes videos we have ever seen. It even has the “naked old man” and #TheSelfieGuy. Let us know in the comments below your favourite stereotype:


Honda CR-V: Trippy Optical Illusion Ad

To promote their new Honda CR-V vehicle, this advertisement is sure to make you question reality.  Seemingly 3d structures and people are distorted based on the camera angle.  Little people turn large, floating cars, fear inducing heights, are shown to be subjective. Honda’s tagline is “The Power of Dreams” and one of the last comments narrated in the video, strongly resonates in combination with the visuals; An Impossible Made Possible:


Rob Bliss Creative: Chicago’s Magical Playing Piano

In this fun video, creative company Rob Bliss collaborated with Amtrack by placing a piano in the middle of Chicago’s Union Station. This wasn’t your ordinary piano however…it automatically played music based on its environment, without anyone sitting there.  The best scene is at the end where Santa Claus is walking through the centre and the piano becomes wittily creative:

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