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The New Big Mac Meals: Fail or Success?

The New Big Mac?

Sheldon Ferrao

Oct 6, 2013

Health-freaks it is time for a celebration with the latest announcement from McDonalds!

Since the McCafe rebrand in 2011, McDonald’s revenue has been growing and expanding into the luxury coffee market is an endeavor they are successfully pursuing.

McDonalds attempts to separate itself from the fast-food industry, which is highly associated with the obesity dilemma in America. In an effort, the company has strategically made three announcements, caving into the health & wellness trend.
1. Substitution of vegetables, fruits, and salads from fries
2. Promotion of milk, juice, and vegetables in Happy Meals instead of fries and soda
3. Partnership with the Clinton Foundation to help reduce childhood obesity

What the means is substituting healthy salads and vegetables as sides to your 700-calorie and 40g of fat Double Big Mac burger, will be arriving to 20 of McDonalds’ largest markets.

Ok so in retrospect…sorry health freaks, yay to people who are somewhat health-conscious.

The evolution of the classic Happy Meals continues, as the company will attempt to shift children’s views towards “healthier” options. Using its powerful marketing campaigns, the promotion of low fat milk, juice, water and vegetables will be projected in a “fun way”.

Baby Bun Ad by Ccp Heye

This idea is not new as other companies like Burger King, who recently announced a new type of fries that have 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories attempt to capture the semi health-conscious market.

Do you think McDonalds will succeed in its new shift towards health-conscious alternatives?

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