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The Fashion Duel by GreenPeace

Gloria Hepburn

Aug 10, 2013

Every day, the Brazilian Amazon and the last Indonesian rainforests are being destroyed. Rivers and lakes in China and Mexico are polluted and fish are poisoned. Leather industry deforest the amazon, packaging production destroys sumatran tiger habitat and textile industry pollutes rivers. Fashion is destroying the nature!

GreenPeace and Grey Milano created an amazing and huge campaign of integrated communication: The Fashion Duel.

A pack with a glove covered by coal and dust was sent to all the fashion brands like Valentino, Chanel, Armani…with a survey to find out if their luxury products were tainted with forest destruction and hazardous chemicals. The Fashion Duel Site was created starting with a video of the italian actress Valeria Golino that, naked and covered with dust, exhorts to clean up fashion. She throws down the gauntlet, symbol of neat, as a challenge to the main luxury brands. Then everybody could upload a funny video throwing down the gauntlet and slipping a model on the catwalk. The campaign went viral with 37.680 videos, the first vertical catwalk in Milan and guerrilla events at the worldwide Fashion Weeks.

Results: 9 brands (15 in total) answered the survey and Valentino promised to clean up his brand by 2020! On the site you can find all rankings.

Let’s clean up fashion!




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