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Surf’s Up On The Streets Of San Francisco

Vishal Khan

Jul 25, 2014

YouTuber Devinsupertramp collaborates with Bear Naked to create a sensationally fun video. Devinsupertramp continues in this tradition of making super fun videos with the latest shindig, setting up a 260 feet Slip N’ Slide down the streets of San Francisco for some wet and crazy fun.

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Street’s A Beach For These Youngsters!

A group of young 20-somethings hook up fire hydrants to a giant Slip N’ Slide and instantly turn the slopey streets of San Francisco into a slippery fun zone. With people taking turns to surf down the streets and splashing in the water, it almost makes you envy them for the amount of fun they are having.

Smart Advertising Through This Video

It might seem like just another fun viral video but it’s a smart advertising campaign for Bear Naked Granola whose products and umbrellas can be seen liberally splattered around the video. Much props to whoever came up with the idea.

Go Crazy With GoPro

This is another fun exhibit for the multi-faceted and fascinating GoPro camera which never fails to amaze and gives you that immersive experiences of sliding down the streets yourself.

Small enough to be strapped on people’s heads or mounted on monopods, and waterproof, it’s the perfect gadget if you ever plan to document yourself trying something like this. An interesting fact to note is that California is currently experiencing a Stage 2 drought, which would mean all the fun they are having might actually be sinful!






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