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The Social Media Striptease: The More You Share The Less She Wears

Sheldon Ferrao

Dec 17, 2013

Sex sells. It’s the simple truth that was articulated in the 1920s by the great PR genius Edward Bernays- the man that infiltrated the minds of the masses through a PR campaign of beautiful women smoking cigarettes, thus making it publicly accepted and desirable. Keeping this in mind, French advertising agency Fred & Farid Group in collaboration with  French fashion brand Vicomte A.designed an interactive social media marketing platform.

The concept is simple; the more you share, the less she wears.

With the goal to increase traffic on their e-commerce website and targeted towards both males and females, users click on different articles of clothing throughout the interactive video and the model playfully takes off that layer. When an item is clicked, it is shared via social media (Facebook or Twitter), linking it towards the retailer’s e-commerce website.

In less than 48 hours the brand had already achieved startling results and soon after 150,000 clothes were shared and 300,000 Twitter accounts were reached.

Try out the interactive platform here.

Social Striptease Social Media Facebook


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