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Smartphone Spy Lens makes your job easily by taking pictures secretly


Vishal Khan

Aug 28, 2013

If you want to discretely take a photo with your phone — whether you plan on using it for blackmail, you feel the need to annoyingly document your dinner, or you’re creeping on the cute girl across from you on the train — you need the Smartphone Spy Lens. This tiny, periscope-like device attaches to the camera on your smartphone thanks to an included magnetic ring.

The Spy Lens incorporates a mirrored lens that can capture photos at a 90 degree angle from where ever you’re pointing your phone. Because of this, the Smartphone Spy Lens can be easily and quickly rotated 360 degrees in any direction, allowing you to point it up, down, left or right.  And once you remove it your phone, any phone (Android, iPhone, or Windows) instantly returns to its slender shape.

This makes it almost impossible for people to know at a picture is being taken, unless of course, someone is spying back. The Smartphone Spy Lens goes for about $20 and is available on the Photojojo website.







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