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#Skype Rerouted: A Travel Challenge From Turkey To Turkey Day

Francesca Luglio

Nov 19, 2013

Skype launched a travel challenge to involve consumers from all over the world. They are dropping Mike Corey, one of Skype’s Moment Makers, in Istanbul on November 12th without any indication to where he is supposed to travel next. Being a man of many talents (breakdancer, divemaster, photographer and travel blogger) he is counting on “us” to follow his trip and crack the clues to get him back to the United States in time for Turkey Day. The advertising agency behind this initiative is Pereira & O’Dell, San Francisco, USA.

Help Mike to crack the clues and send him the answers using Skype (add him as a contact: mike.corey8), Facebook ( or Twitter (via @Skypemoments or #skypererouted).

The official site for this campaign is

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