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‘See’ – An Otherwordly Video By Tycho

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jun 12, 2014

Better known as Tycho from the band Linkin Park, Scott Hansen has been widely popular for making sound waves in the LP songs. The new video for “See” is rather appealing, and was directed by Bradley “GMUNKMunkowitz.

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A mystic vignette of sorts, the video follows one particular heroine’s journey through a series of stunning environments and parallel universes. This footage is nothing short of otherworldly, in a very charming, delightful sort of way.

Hypnotic Rhymes

The girl’s journey is rife with shamanic rituals, hypnotic runes, and an elusive, enigmatic stranger who appears to have spawned from nature itself. Presented through full-spectrum as well as infrared photography, the film was aided by the expertise of DP Joe Picard.

Unique Palette

Enhancing the idea of how the world generally perceives things that are unseen, the video covers everything from colours, textures, emotions to even hidden universes. The narrative arc for the footage was written based entirely on the flow of the music, and offers a perfect interpretation of the song’s rhythm.

Defining The Story

The story points for the clip have been defined in an insanely detailed manner, and are broken down to every second, offering a dictation of sorts of the track. You can feel ever build and every climax of the story as it progresses, and the entire ordeal is nothing short of visually compelling fashion with an enchanting narrative binding it together.

How It Was Made

For rendering the video, Munkowitz had to modify a Red Epic camera such that it was capable of capturing the full light spectrum. Additionally, coloured smoke was implemented into the shots to provide for the supernatural effects. The team shifted the visible part of the spectrum in a different direction from the infrared colours to create more colour contrast, emphasizing the surreal nature of the character’s vivid trip.









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