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Save For Vine App


Valerio Spagnuolo

May 21, 2014

Have you recently struggled to be able to download Vine videos onto your handheld device, and failed miserably? Well, you don’t have to toil anymore, because there is now an app to do the job for you! Meet Save for Vine Pro, an Android application that is designed to save Vine videos to your device, giving you the freedom to watch them whenever you’d like.

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Save For Vine

Eliminating the need to search for the original post every time you want to re-watch a Vine, the Save for Vine app provides an easy and convenient platform for Vine viewing. The app gives you options to like, favorite and comment on Vine videos too, apart from letting you browse through the most popular videos.

Log In And Download

After you install the Save for Vine app on your Smartphone, you simply need to log in to your Vine account with the help of your email address. And then, you will be introduced to the popular Vines page on the app after which you can continue to browse through or download videos of your choice.

Watch Later

Being able to download Vines gives you the liberty to watch Vines at a later time. There are also buttons adjacent these to upload, like and re-share videos too, and you can also engage in the community to discuss about the best and the worst Vines.

Great User Interface

The app has a simple and attractive user interface, where the videos are displayed in a large portion of the display. This makes viewing Vines a fun and engaging experience, great on Smartphones, but not so good on tablets.

Easy And Convenient

Having all the Vines you want right at your fingertips is a great way to interact with the video sourcing platform, and Save for Vine gives you just that. A nice and smooth process, sharing and viewing Vines now is a whole new experience.








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