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Rumors Continues – The New iPhone Air Concept

Vishal Khan

Feb 13, 2015

All set to release in the fall of 2014, the Apple iPhone 6 has been the talk of town for almost a year now. With hundreds of rumors and abstractions continuously coming out, it’s hard to just choose one for your imagination and stick with it.

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Here is a concept for the iPhone 6 by designer Sam Beckett that seems closest to what the real deal may look like. At least that’s what we want to believe. Titled iPhone Air, the concept was released in the form of a rather fascinating animation video on YouTube by Beckett.

Specifications Of The iPhone Air

According to the impression, the next-gen iPhone is shown to have a 4.7 inch screen with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080p (468ppi) in full HD. In comparison with the iPhone 5S, this concept is 8% larger in size, has a 17% larger display and 68% more pixels. It is 7mm wide, which means the Smartphone is 0.6mm thinner than the 5S.

Incredible Features

The iPhone Air is made of sapphire crystal instead of the Corning Gorilla Glass used in the earlier iPhones. A 10-megapixel camera is fitted into the Smartphone which has an aperture of f/1.8. The iPhone Air runs on a revamped A8 chip.

Sam’s concept also shows the Heathbook app among the apps on the iPhone Air’s display, giving off a subtle hint about the Apple iWatch that will accompany it. A fingerprint sensor has also been portrayed in the video.

Why Sam Beckett’s Concept Stands Out

The iPhone Air seems to be very evocative of the iPhone 5S, and is not a far-fetched concept showcasing out-of-the-ordinary features. This is the primary reason why the entire notion is pretty believable and may be the course Apple would take in its design and functionality.






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