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The Great White Shark Goes Toe-to-toe With The REMUS Camera

Valerio Spagnuolo

Sep 23, 2014

The REMUSsharkcam‘ has been making quite a buzz since its arrival. A team of scientists from the Oceanographic Systems Lab from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, United States, set out to observe the sharks and what happened next was definitely more than what they expected.


REMUS 100 And Shark Cam

Specially designed to serve as a part of the REMUS 100, the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), the REMUS Shark Cams are cameras that were set on the ship along with other necessary scientific equipment to document and observe marine life. The vessel carried instruments like navigational instruments, video cameras and scientific instruments that help to locate and track them. The vehicle performs exceptionally in zeroing in on signals linked to marine life as deep as 100 meters.


Basic Features

Using technology like an omni-directional ultra-short baseline (USBL) navigation system, the ship makes calculations that estimate the range, depth and bearing of the animal that is being tracked. There are two primary units installed on the ship. One that determines standoff distance, and the other helps in communicating with the scientists who are on the surface, every 10 to 20 seconds.


The Showdown

Preparing for the weeklong celebration to shark week, the scientists that are responsible for the REMUS 100 set out to observe the surroundings and behavior of the great white shark to further understand it. What they didn’t see coming was the majestic creature coming after one of their cams. The camera captures what it would be like to get brutally attacked by the great white, and the visual experience is extremely terrifying. Take a look and you won’t disagree!


Remus Sharkcam

Remus Sharkcam

Remus Sharkcam

Remus Sharkcam



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