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Red Bull v Hornet: Ricciardo Joins The RAAF

Vishal Khan

Mar 23, 2014

At the RAAF this year, Red Bull saw racer Daniel Ricciardo take on the Top Guns. He raced against the fastest airplane to ever be made, in the fastest four-wheel vehicle.

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Originally an F1 pilot, Daniel Ricciardo raced with Michael Keightley, who is the Flight Lieutenant of RAAF.

Prelude To The Australian Grand Prix

Coming as more or less a prelude to the Grand Prix in Australia, the adrenaline-inducing race was held against an Infiniti Red Bull racing show car and an F/A-18 Hornet, at the RAAF base.

Top Speeds

The Red Bull racing show car hits top speeds of 380 km/h, while the Hornet a staggering 2000 km/h. Of course, Daniel cut the chase by starting before the Hornet, because quite obviously, there was no beating the Hornet once it was in flight.

Racing A Hornet

Imagine what it would be like to look in your rear view mirror and see a Hornet. That’s the kind of adventure these two daredevils were looking to accomplish. For Daniel, it was a whole new experience, considering he has always only raced with sports cars.

Surreal Experience

Having a plane chasing you up close is definitely an experience worth recalling. The intensified power of the Hornet can be felt right from your driver’s seat, and you will half hope it doesn’t blow you away.

Daniel’s Favorites

Although having a home race is convenient and classy, Albert Park definitely stands as one of Daniel’s favorite circuits out of a list of top five. Michael Keightley, who operated the Hornet for the race, is equally fascinated with the experience, too, which was nothing short of fantastic.







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