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Product Placement #Fail: 5 Year Old Rejects Free Sony Xperia Z Tablet On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Sheldon Ferrao

Nov 9, 2013

This is a message for all brands; be weary next time you decide to give away your products to a child…he might just end up rejecting it live on national television.

Product placements on television shows are an effective method for brand exposure. With the rise of talk shows and its level of programming flexibility, companies have been turning towards featured contests, games, charitable donations, and sponsored segments. Television show Jimmy Kimmel, featured child whiz Arden Hayes. After astounding people with his knowledge, they played a game where he ended up receiving a map and the new Sony Xperia Z…bad mistake.

Quickly realizing the negative ramifications on their sponsor, ABC/Disney has edited out the now infamous snub from their YouTube video.

Although this might have turned out negatively for Sony, it doesn’t always for many other brands.  Child features on talk shows have been a hit, with virality ensuing on multiple occasions. Check out Sophia and Grace, who have turned out to be perfect marketing venues for The Ellen Degeneres Show and its sponsors:

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