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Poetry On Condoms


Alessandro Ilarda

Aug 8, 2014

What puts you in the mood? Sometimes it so happens that you might not have the right set of words to get your partner in the mood. Look no further. What’s better than the most influential poets of all time doing your job for you?

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Leave It To The Poets

Os Poetas‘ or ‘The Poets‘ is an initiative that does just that. The project consists of skillfully art directed packages for condoms that are inspired by the most iconic Portuguese poets and their poems about love.

Variety To Choose From

The packages consist of writers ranging from the likes of Fernando Pessova, Bocage, Florbella Espanca, Almeida Garret, and so on. These poems have echoed since the beginning of time and make a perfect fit to convey that message of love that you struggle to put in words.

The Problem Solvers

With art direction done by Joel Ribeiro and illustration by Tiago Vaz for the client Creative Condoms, this seems like one of the most radical and at the same time, light-hearted campaigns to hit the shelves.

It puts a lot of fun and playfulness into something as neglected as the act of opening a condom. The condoms come in neatly sealed packages and have quite a lot of design value.










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