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Samsung Loses: Must Pay Apple An Additional $290 million. #PatentWars


Vishal Khan

Nov 24, 2013

Apple wins again, even if it is not fully satisfied with the verdict; the Federal Court in San Jose California has ordered Samsung to pay a second fine of $290.54 million in Apple’s case concerning the copy of intellectual property. Although it is less than the $380 million requested by Apple, the amount is a lot more than the $52 million that Samsung was willing to pay. Apple has received the full amount they claimed to have lost in profits and royalties.

If Judge Lucy Koh accepts the new verdict, it will bring the accumulated amount (in-addition to nearly $600 million from patent infringement cases last year) that Samsung has to pay Apple to $930 million.

For Apple, this case has always been something more than money and patents,” Apple said in a statement. “It’s about innovation and hard work necessary to invent products that people love. Although it is impossible to put a price tag on these values, we are grateful to the jury for having demonstrated a Samsung copy that has a cost.

The Korean tech giant has stated that they will appeal. ”We are disappointed by today’s decision, which is based largely on a patent that the Patent and Trademark Office, the United States has recently found to be invalid,” Samsung said in reaction to the news.

Samsung’s defence is partially justifiable, as some of the relevant patents they held were only recently considered invalid. However, the jury took into account company documents and a speech from a top mobile executive JK Shin that stated that, Samsung was at a time of crisis for the design and that it was necessary to copy Apple. Also it was easier to defend this point with additional documents from Samsung designers and other employees explaining how to copy various elements from the iPhone (from the packaging to even the charger interface).

Although this case has reached a verdict, a new patent infringement case involving the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 5 is scheduled for March 2014.

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