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October Jones Does Doodling On A Train


Alessandro Ilarda

Feb 19, 2014

Train journeys to work can get boring as hell, and skimming through the pages of Metro does not help at all. Here’s what animator October Jones does to pass his time on the train. Rather amusingly, he makes some hilarious sketches on his sticky notes with marker pens.

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Cartoonizing The Passengers

October Jones lets his creative imagination go wild as he draws up caricatures of cartoon heads. And he doesn’t just stop there. These heads fit perfectly on his fellow passengers, and with a little skilled camera tricks, he manages to bring them to life.





Twitter Fame

His laughable photos are posted on Twitter, where they are immensely popular. He has over 73K followers on Twitter (@OctoberJones). So far, he has given his followers the impression that he’s seated next to Spider-Man, Batman, Winnie The Pooh, The Road Runner, and even ET. The most retweeted post is that of Mickey Mouse.









Other Feats

Jones also attempts to color-coordinate his sketches with the actual color of the victim’s outfit, like in his cartoon of the Hulk and Waldo. His cartoons have been viewed as a movie montage over a million times on YouTube.







Comic Book

October Jones’ real name is Joe Butcher, and he hails from Birmingham. He is relatively famous for his ongoing comic in his Tumblr blog called Text From Dog. These comics were published as a standalone book in October of last year, titled Texts From Dog: The Dog Delusion.



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