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The New Rules of Search Engine Optimization (Infographic)


Valerio Spagnuolo

Mar 4, 2014

In the constantly evolving world of technology, one of the biggest concerns for marketers and company owner has been search engine optimization. Getting a good rank on the Google search page is a contest many are trying to win. Read on to be enlightened on some of the innovative methods to conquer the realm of SEO.

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Change your Focus

It has been observed that those who were dead set on achieving that high ranking in SEO obsessed over it so much, that they eventually never found success. Your company’s goal should be to provide engaging content; the kind that you are sure people will be engrossed in and end up clicking share. When you accomplish that, you’re already halfway there.

Make Use Of Social Media

If you scroll down your news feed on Facebook, you’d know that it is the one stop destination for all kinds of interactions with brands, companies, products, blogs and whatever else people like. They may not realize it, but every time they click share, they are giving the subject in question so much power to fare well in SEO. So reap the benefits of social media by linking out to your Facebook or Twitter pages, adding videos, mems, pictures and relevant blog snippets. Concentrate on using appropriate tags and propel your company to fame. Keep in mind though, that links are not bait.

Create Sophisticated Content

It’s all about quality! Flood your content with original and relevant matter, making sure at every step that whatever you put out there, will attract attention – and lots of it. Don’t go so overboard with finding sophistication that you’re not even on the same territory as your company, though. You need to curate content that is relevant and headlined with diverse titles, and find a way to blend value and appeal into it.



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