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Modern Statuesque Villas For Your Taste


Alessandro Ilarda

Aug 28, 2014

Studio Smader is a photography studio that provides exceptional photography services to public institutions, architects, interior designers, and product designers. A breezy visit to their website had us fall back on our chairs with amazement at the range of visual delight they have to offer.

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What hooked us on further, were these villas. Designed with impeccable style and class, these villas make you drool and leave you with an itch to own these babies some day.

The Drama And Contrast

This is what fine living looks like. These villas are a perfect amalgam of nature and the warm essence of home. Be it the dark wooden floors striking a contrast with the soft, plush rugs and sofas, or the woven wooden door, leading into a strong rocky passage, making the entrance dramatic enough to feel like a secret garden. It’s surrounded by a large reflecting pool that plays in, a cool character to the outdoors along with it functioning as an exceptionally stylish border.

Overall Tonality

The living area features a soft palette of colors, raising the ceiling to even massive heights. The marble floor fishes sunlight through tall sliding windows that strike the perfect balance between the abundance of nature that surrounds this luxurious space, and the mishmash of brick, wood and plush rugs. The furnishing is minimalistic, leaving plenty of space to unwind and play around with. Carefully landscaped with plenty of green on the outside, this home looks fresh and raw.

Pay Attention To The Details

The magic lies in the details. With clean and simple lines, these living areas are spacious and look extremely personalized. The spaces look lived in with pieces of art, stone vessels and mirrors playing together in perfect harmony. The beams, extending out to the patio, create an interesting visual, setting a rustic and raw tone.







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