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Mobile App Promotion Suite By Twitter

Alessandro Ilarda

Aug 12, 2014

Drive the install count and interactivity with your application using Twitter’s new Mobile App Promotion Suite. While twitter does all the work for you, all you have to do is subscribe to it. Here’s more.

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Reach More People

How would you like to reach out to more than 1 billion people within no time? Now imagine someone doing it for you. Twitter is offering just this with their new Mobile App Promotion Suite. Developers can now run simultaneous advertising campaigns to reach the gigantic number of users on and off twitter through one interface.

The Blueprint

Twitter has developed a suite of tools to promote mobile applications that are currently being tested in a private beta. Twitter plans on combining the best of Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets to interact with users, and get them engaged directly through the Twitter timeline. Using a combination of keywords, mobile platform targeting, and geo targeting, the online social networking and microblogging giants have a powerful suite with a phenomenal network.

Tap Into MoPub

Twitter just carved out a path for developers, new and old, that can really help them to tap into the scale of MoPub and the Mobile App Promotion Suite. They also promise for this to be the first of many opportunities to join hands in creating a resourceful advertising platform that also makes for a great user experience.








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