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Microsoft Hyperlapse For Recreating First-Person Videos

Alessandro Ilarda

Oct 8, 2014

Microsoft Hyperlapse.
was a revolution in itself. The idea being something as simple as using a camera at a proximal distance from the eyes, and creating a first person perspective. In today’s world, adventure enthusiasts like mountain bikers, zip liners, or skydivers, own a GoPro to make their experience undying. However, since the process of speeding the videos up doesn’t exist, we are forced to sit through the whole clip including the boring sections. Well, not anymore!

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The Idea

Microsoft has come up with a technology that will soon help us to watch these first-person videos as smooth hyperlapse sequences. They run 10 times the speed of the original file, and cause absolutely zero camera shake. The Project recreates the scene by using technology to construct a depth map based on information from the video. The algorithm then runs the video by creating new images slightly different from the source.


The Target Audience

The software draws its information from the source video that it is simultaneously creating while adding multiple other frames to create these new frames. This reminds us of Photosynth, which is an app launched by the same company, and uses an algorithm to function pretty much the same way as this application does. The implications of similarities are unknown and the best anybody can do is only speculate.


The Result

The brains behind the project are Johannes Kopf, Michael Cohen and Richard Szeliski. Kopf and Szeliski also played a huge role in the development of the aforementioned Photosynth application. At the time being, there are a few kinks that still need to be worked with respect to fluidity in the structure and output. The team however, is all set to make a presentation at the SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver, Canada this week.

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