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Marco Polo App Shares Your Location With Friends


Desmond Swamy

Dec 30, 2013

Just like the age-old playground game “Marco Polo“, the same-titled smartphone app allows users to find and stay in touch with friends. Users can send a “Marco” to share your location and let your friends know what you’re up to – Friends can send a “Polo” to respond with their own location. This simple pin allows users to send pictures and messages back and forth, avoiding the ever-popular text message “Where are you?”

Marco Polo is totally private, as you can control who you share your location with. Co-founder Aneel Randive notes that Marco Polo is more low key, and less formal than texting. It also protects your privacy by sharing your location one time, as opposed to Apple‘s Find My Friends or Facebook‘s location broadcasts.

Some ideas on how to use Marco Polo (according to the Marco Polo website):

  • See what nearby friends are up to
  • Let someone know your location as you’re arriving
  • Plan a night out by sending friends pins of fun places to try out
  • Keep in touch with family
  • Show loved ones where you travel to, when you’re traveling
The app is currently available for the iPhone, with the Android version coming soon.
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